To assist park Management of Eldorado Tourist Park to achieve a peaceful and safe environment to stay or reside in, all residents, non-residents, guest and visitors are required to comply with the following.

Eldorado Tourist Park Rules includes and are not limited to the following: –

  • All cars, vans, motorbikes, bicycles and any other vehicles must not exceed 8 KPH i.e. walking pace.
  • Parents and or responsible persons are at all times without exception responsible for their child/children and must at all times without
    exception supervise their child/children whilst in the park. !
  • All loud noise must cease by 10.00pm… When arriving or departing at unusual times please give all reasonable consideration to other guests, residents and non-residents.
  • Criminal behaviour, drug use and or possession, alcohol and drug induced mis-behaviour, drunkenness, offensive behaviour, indecent language and or interfering or tampering with park facilities will not be tolerated and may lead to instant dismissal and where appropriate referral to Police for criminal prosecution.
  • Cabins, Vans and Sites must be left in a neat and tidy condition.
  • All rubbish is to be placed in plastic bags prior to placing it in the rubbish bins.
  • No rubbish is to be left on site.
  • Residents who have occupied sites must neatly rake and remove all debris prior to departure.
  • En-suite units must be left neat and tidy.
  • Cabins, vans and sites must be vacated by 10.00AM unless prior arrangements are made with the Park Owners.
  • No equipment/furniture/van/tent or other property is to be left on site unless prior arrangements are made with the Park Owners.
  • The Park owners reserve the right to inspect their cabins, vans and en-suite units prior to security deposit refunds.
  • Without exception every person must strictly obey The Safety Swimming Pool Policy, Rules and Regulations.
  • No mechanical or other repairs are to be carried out on site or arranged to be carried out without the prior arrangement of the Park Owners.
  • No unregistered motor cars or vehicles or bicycle parts or boxes, paint oil or flammable material is to be stored on sites or under vans or cabins.
  • Cars and vans must not be washed in the park.
  • All water restrictions must be complied with.
  • Fires are not permitted.
  • Dogs are permitted by prior arrangement only and must comply with the Park’s Dog Policy.

A full copy of the park rules is available from reception.